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Barry Colpitts

You don't need an address to find the Colpitts' house on highway 7 in Tangier. Their name is on the mailbox. 

Born in 1960, Barry began carving in 1989 after working for a spell as a guard at the Sackville prison. He has been carving ever since.


The Tangier house is on the edge of the Colpitts' 45 acre woods. Barry used to keep an ox to help with the farming and to haul heavy logs out of the woods for drying and carving.

Barry's folk art operations are carried out in several buildings --- a display gallery, a gluing shed, a painting shed, a carving and storage shed.  Two holes and a viewing window in the back of the painting shed allow Barry to avoid the fumes by staying outside while his hands do the painting inside. A carved fox (see photo below) protects the shed from mice who otherwise would enter and eat the labels off the paint cans.