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Luke Hilchie

I am a budding artist. I make artwork as a freeform, creative counterpoint to the more rigid, though, beautiful realm of science and mathematics in which I otherwise work. I feel like I need to make something, and artwork is something I can make. I generally produce works from found materials – driftwood, discarded planks, abandoned furniture, ricks, whatever. I dislike waste, so this approach suits me.

I produce vibrant abstract images in which I find or create shape and color combinations that appeal to me for reasons I can’t immediately explain. I often exploit features in the found materials, like the knots in wood, or begin with arbitrary forms. I then expand upon these beginnings, using bright and commonly contrasting colors, bringing in definitions with lines, adding some feature or other that seems to complement the earlier parts, in a sort of exploratory way. I find, accentuate, devise, and defy structure. Structure controls me and I control it in kind.

My works increasingly seem to be exploring balances between pseudo-architectural geometries and complete fluidity. Most of my works tend to vaguely resemble imaginary landscapes. I use a combination of acrylic ink, watercolor, pen, pastel, and color pencil.

I grew up in Musquodoboit Harbour and East Chezzetcook. I have since lived in Halifax and Vancouver. I once again live in East Chezzetcook with my young family, where I wish to stay.