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Kathy Keays

Wool, waves, wood! These are the things that inspire my art!

I am a fibre artist from Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, by way of Montreal and Fredericton NB.

I have been a crafty person since I was a child, from learning to knit in Brownies, to making my first quilt in high school, sewing and then selling children’s clothing and on. But the constant through everything was knitting…I love wool.  By chance, I discovered felting, first wet felting, and then needle felting, and  lo, I found my passion! I love the texture that felting provides and the different  feelings it  can evoke , with the colours of the wool and tightness of the felting.

Because I spend a lot of time on the beaches, I began to collect driftwood, along with other bits and bobs that the ocean washes up  and started to work these in with the wool, and thus Surfing Mermaid Art was born! I needle felt my “paintings” and mount them on washed up planks of driftwood and sometimes embellish them with shells and stones.

All of my work is either Maritime or nature inspired and  I work  from drawings, paintings, rug hooking patterns and of late my own photographs ( I am an amateur photographer as well!). I have done a number of commissions for people, attended craft shows and markets, and am have an online presence at Surfing Mermaid Art.

What started out as a fun little hobby, has grown by leaps and bounds into a blossoming little business and the goal is to eventually give up the “day job” and make art full time.