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Mary Doane

Originally from Nova Scotia, Mary (IAF, CSPWC) lived in Quebec for 37 years before moving to Musquodoboit Harbour in 2015.  It was during her training in interior decoration that she first used watercolour as a medium to render perspective drawings.  After practicing as an interior designer for several years, Mary began teaching the profession in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, and for 27 years she taught all things concerning colour, harmony, balance…

In 1999, under the watchful eye of watercolour artist Paul-Yvan Gagnon, Mary took up watercolours as my primary medium after having worked Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter) eggs for 25 years.

She is drawn to the representation of detailed subjects, often in a close-up view, mainly still life and floral compositions. She enjoys drawing the spectator’s eye to details that would otherwise go unnoticed and bring him or her to discover the beauty that is to be found in the textures and forms of the everyday objects around us.

Watercolour is a medium that does not easily forgive; before putting her brush to paper, Mary studies her subject to get to know it in the smallest detail and to be able to see, in her mind, the finished product before even wetting her brush.  Preliminary sketches and colour tests allow her to work out all the problems of composition, contrasts, light and shadow.  Once these elements have been thought through she can concentrate solely on the watercolour itself, always enthralled to see the colours and shapes appear on the paper.