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Mary Fedorchuk

Like many people who retire, Mary Fedorchuk, after a 30 year career as a public servant, was keen to pick up a passion from her younger self; from the world of art, namely, landscape painting. “Now at this stage of my life, I have the freedom to pursue my own interests and my priority is to engage and explore life as a painter. I am my own boss! What glorious freedom and how lucky am I to express the creative side of my being”.

Mary has completed a number of art courses and workshops, both in Halifax, Nova Scotia and in Scotland where she spent 10 months in 2011 and 2012 on the Isle of Skye. Her subject matter tends to be landscape, with many providing evidence of human settlement. She is becoming known for her wonderful use of colour.

“I am a colour person. I love rich, thick colours found all around us and I like to capture these colours on canvas. I am also a person who is deeply positively impacted by light so my paintings are almost always washed in light.”

Mary lives with her husband Bill MacLeod and cat Dora and is within walking distance to Conrad Beach, arguably, one of the most impressive beaches in Nova Scotia. Her current landscapes are inspired from scenes very close to home.

“I am very pleased to show visitors my work and to talk about art. Maybe you’ll be moved to buy one of my paintings!"