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Gerri Frager

Natural Whorlds Pottery

What feels like a very long time ago (1953), I was born in Montreal, Quebec.

I happily became a resident of Nova Scotia while training as a pediatrician in the 80s. After further study, I returned to establish and direct the Pediatric Palliative Care Service at the IWK in Halifax, where I worked for 2 decades. I applied a long-standing interest in the intersection of arts and health as Director of the Humanities – HEALS Program, based out of Dalhousie University’s medical school.

Always appreciative of other’s pottery, I have delighted in making primarily functional work (vases, mugs, bowls, etc.) since 2008. The generous teaching by potters across North America and at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) have supplemented what I learned being self-taught.

Now retired, I am incredibly grateful for this great gift of time, allowing my joy of pottery to expand, with a home-studio in Spry Bay and sharing the magic of clay with others through workshops, sales and exhibits.

I love to carry the natural world into my pottery through images including lupines, leaves, seaweed and starry nights.