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Sandra Harrison

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Dartmouth has been home for most of Sandra’s adult life.

She has a keen interest in our amazing Nova Scotia shoreline, and in the disappearing sights of an earlier, simpler time. She is one of many painters who endeavor to present our timeless coastal scenery, and appreciate the fact that many of my works have found homes across our country and beyond.

It is indeed inspiring when others appreciate what you do!

A lifelong interest in drawing has led eventually and intermittently to an almost compelling need to put paint on canvas.

Sandra’s first tentative efforts in 1980 were quickly followed by several years of fun and fellowship at the now defunct Dartmouth Continuing Education programs, where she was both encouraged and inspired by Jane Schlosberg, a gifted artist and amazing teacher and critic.

Unfortunately, for about ten years, painting became a distant fancy, as increasing demands of work took precedence.

Now happily retired, and finally able to concentrate on the more important things in life, she has found my way back to the painting world!

Classes and workshops with local artiste, including Susan Vitale, Doug Scott, Jean Watson and Christopher Gorey have given her the benefit of their expertise, and she has successfully exhibited and sold her work.

Oil is her preferred medium, but she has ventured into acrylics on occasion. Sandra loves the fluidity of oil paint and the lovely, tactile blendings it produces.

She looks forward to “putting paint on canvas” well into the foreseeable future!