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As a Centre for Innovation, the Old School is working to build a strong, vibrant community by:

Assisting people to develop their skills, connections and community supports.

Supporting community development by encouraging the community to plan, organize and collaborate on community concerns.

Promote economic growth by supporting social innovation and creativity.

With the help of funding from the United Way of Halifax, we will continue to work to develop the Old School as a Neighbourhood Hub. To  accomplish our goal of improving the lives of those living along the Eastern Shore, we will provide space for community organizations to meet, deliver programs and services as needed and will continue to develop as a resource and information centre.

PRESS RELEASE - January 2018


Work on Prosperity for All on the Eastern Shore Continues


Prosperity for All is a new group on the Eastern Shore that is a coalition of various groups that want to support building more inclusive communities on the Shore, and reducing poverty.


Some of the groups that attended a recent meeting at the Old School Community Gathering Place, and talked about different initiatives they are working on included:  Musgo Rider, the Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Valley Community Health Board, Musquodoboit Harbour and Area Community Association, the Musquodoboit Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Shore Mental Health, and Community Links.


The meeting was co-hosted by Inclusion Works and the Old School Community Gathering Place.  MP Sean Fraser and MLA Kevin Murphy were also both on hand. Councillor David Hendsbee sent regrets because he was required for a council budget meeting.


Some of the new initiatives going that various groups talked about included Jessie Greenough of Musgo Rider talking about their application for a grant to reduce the cost of medical appointment trips and free trips to the food bank.  Denise Van Wychen of the Community Health Board talked about a series of gatherings they’re doing around food security.


MP Sean Fraser mentioned that anyone who is not in receipt of the Canada Child Benefit and needs help to access it can reach out to his office.  Fraser also mentioned he is working on getting the powers that be in Ottawa to understand that the Eastern Shore is a rural area even though it is part of Halifax.  Fraser said anyone with any information about circumstances where the Eastern Shore is suffering because it is not being recognized as rural in trying to access federal funding programs should send a letter to his office.


MLA Kevin Murphy mentioned a new Vibrant Communities Grant Fund that will be ongoing to help build more inclusive communities.  The themes this year were for transportation, food security and helping youth to become independent adults.


Jennifer Wilcox of United Way Halifax was also on hand to share some of United Way’s findings and recommendations as part of a new strategy to address poverty in a partnership between the United Way and the city.  Anyone who would like more information about this can go to the United Way website and sign up for future updates.


The next meeting of the coalition will be held sometime in April.  


For more info, like the facebook pages of Inclusion Works, the Old School or MP Sean Fraser.