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Draw for Beautiful Stephen Sekerak Table

John is the lucky winner of the hand made table.

Steve's table 2.JPG

Stephen Sekerak is an extraordinary woodworker and furniture-maker.

Stephen has made furniture, boxes, cabinets, tables, and chairs that are elegant and have simple, clean lines. When he talks about wood, its character, and the details of a cabinet, for example, he was enthusiastic, excited about the craftsmanship of a special handle, by the grain, and attention to detail.

Stephen studied with Swedish woodworker, James Krenov, near Mendocino, California in 1982 and with many other fine teachers, Stephen started woodworking with his father, and made his first piece of woodworking at the age of five. After high school, he apprenticed with Belton Lumber in Ontario in the early 1960’s. He travelled to New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa but always returned to woodworking. He came to Nova Scotia to study woodworking at the NS College of Art & Design, where he earned a BA in Environmental Design and later taught.

Stephen has made many large pieces for different institutions in Halifax. In her book, Kate Langan describes Sekerak as “one of Halifax’s local woodworking celebrities.”
He lived on the Eastern Shore for many years in a church in East Jeddore which he had renovated He also has a studio there. He now lives at Northwood in Halifax because of his Parkinson’s.

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