Well-Being HUBs



What is the Well-Being HUBs project?

The Well-Being HUBs project is an emerging network of health and social care providers along the Eastern Shore and through the Musquodoboit Valley.  It is led by Harbourview Lodge Continuing Care Centre (Harbourview Lodge) and Musquodoboit Valley Home for Special Care (Braeside).  Well-being HUBs will support community members and their care partners along the Eastern Shore and in the Musquodoboit Valley with their transition into Continuing Care & Long-Term Care (LTC).

Our goal is to offer wrap-around supports to people receiving care and their care partners, which in turn will help keep community members in their homes longer. At the same time, programming will be offered to support people in LTC by increasing integration in the community and reducing isolation, in addition to meeting the needs of care partners at all stages of their care journey.  


Supports and services we aim to offer through the Well-Being HUBs include, but are not limited to: 

  • navigation services

  • educating families on transition for elderly individuals and living well at home

  • assisting with applications and government-related paperwork

  • peer support and/or volunteer visiting programming for individuals/families/caregivers

  • Social Work resources and services

  • connecting with existing community programs

  • supporting individuals/families/care partners through end-of-life transitions and grief supports.  


Vision & Mission Statements​

Vision Statement

A supportive community where adults can transition through life with dignity, accessing the right care and services at the right time.


Mission Statement 

To create a network of community and health providers who will work collaboratively to provide the right care and supports that will empower adults and their care partners as they move through life transitions. The network will work to navigate, educate, coordinate and facilitate access to existing programs and services and create new ones to fill identified gaps. 


Who are we?

Well-Being HUBs are administered jointly by Harbourview Lodge and The Old School Community Gathering Place (The Old School). A Steering Committee made up of representatives from Harbourview Lodge, Braeside, The Birches Nursing Home (The Birches), The Old School and community members oversee the project activities. 


In turn, project activities are guided by individual Working Groups which inform the support work of the Project Coordinator. If you are interested in getting involved in a working group in one of the following areas, please get in touch at 902-889-2735 or oldschoolhubs@gmail.com for more details:

  • Navigation Services Working Group

  • Adult Day Program Feasibility Working Group

  • Programming Working Group

  • Evaluation Working Group

  • Public Relations/Communications Working Group

Our partners include:

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Caregivers Nova Scotia 

Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour Public Libraries

The Musquodoboit Harbour Family Resource Centre

Eastern Shore Mental Health 

Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Valley Literacy Network

P.A.U.S.E. Wellness Centre


Upcoming Activities

We're excited to announce that we will be offering our first Well-Being HUBs activities through the fall and winter! Workshops and sessions on topics relevant to caregivers, those managing chronic conditions, and those beginning the transition through the care system. Topics will include:

  • Diabetes Management (Sheet Harbour)

  • Intro to the Care System (various locations)

  • a six week Alzheimer's Support Group series (Sheet Harbour and Middle Musquodoboit)

  • Introduction to Caregivers NS (Sheet Harbour and Middle Musquodoboit)

  • Caregivers NS Advance Care Planning (Musquodoboit Harbour) 

  • among others!


Find detailed information in our brochure or connect with us on Facebook for more information. 

Get involved!

We welcome connections with organizations and individuals who are doing work that complements and could be supported by the HUBs initiative. Get in touch with us if you have ideas for programming and/or services that could help fill gaps.

Logo Contest

This spring we asked community members to help us find our face in the world by designing our logo. The response was strong, with many talented community members submitting entries.  On June 10th, the Steering Committee selected the winning logo, which was designed by Stacy LaPierre. Check it out at the top of this section! 


Get in touch


The Well-Being HUBs Project staff is located at The Old School Community Gathering Place, 7962 Highway 7 in Musquodoboit Harbour. The Project Coordinator, Lesley Magee, can be reached at 902-889-2735 or oldschoolhubs@gmail.com. Connect with us on Facebook to find out our latest news. 

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