Each week, volunteer-led arts and cultural activities happen at the Old School, in addition to special events. Our fibre arts group, Fibre Friends, meets every Tuesday afternoon and is led by local fibre artist, Gail Lambert. Gail also spearheads an annual Fibre Festival, which has been held in October the past two years. Every Tuesday evening, local musicians gather for our Community Music Jam, an evening of music and fun.

The Old School is an intimate concert venue, hosting Songwriters Circles featuring Jim Reid, Squeezy Bob, Ann Fearon, Colin Cameron, among many others, acts like Azuline Duo, Saltwater Joy, and groups like Coastal Voices Men’s Choir and Shore Volcalz. Special events like seasonal dance parties, pop-up pubs, trivia nights and coffee houses contribute to a vibrant social scene in Musquodoboit Harbour and the surrounding area. 

In the tourist season, the Old School’s Gallery Committee operates an elegant, light-filled Art Gallery in the facility. The Gallery Committee curate seasonal shows highlighting the work of the many talented artists in our community.  


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