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The Well

The well with its pumphouse is located near the Bennett ball field and the Musquodoboit Trail trailhead.

Current Status

Signage has been installed and the solar panels are being tuned up to power the well head. We will have more information in the next few weeks.


We celebrated the opening of the aquifer with a celebration on April 21, 2024, the day before Earth Day.

The intention of the program is to provide water to the users of the Musquodoboit Trail, as well as to the community during periods of drought and extended power outages. The gate will be opened during these later periods, at times that will be posted when the need arises.

Results of the latest test,

Current hours of operation, dates will be available soon.

History of the Project

In late summer many domestic wells run dry, and although water bottles are brought out from the city and distributed it has been only on certain evenings, and not always reliably. During Hurricane Fiona many residents were unable to access their own water because of extended power outages.

Purchasing water is out of the budget for many low-income households whose water is unsuitable for drinking.


The HRM Visioning Plan and the MHACCCA Community Development Plan both have identified a community water supply as one of the primary needs of the community.

On June 21, 2019, the Open the Aquifer Facebook group was created.  Discussions and information sharing continued among a small group of concerned citizens regarding water issues of quantity and quality locally. One of those members pointed the Old School board to a funding opportunity in 2021, via the Farm Credit Canada, called the Agri Spirit award.  Several community members joined the planning of simple access to the aquifer for those in need of water in August and to users of the trail along the Musquodoboit River.  In March, 2021, a proposal was submitted to Farm Credit Canada under this AgriSpirit funding, for a solar-powered water pump and filtration system, pumphouse, and spigot. The grant of $14,500 was awarded in July 2021.


On December 8, 2021,  the water committee of The Old School met with Bluenose Well Drilling and walked the area where we had planned to do the new well, pump, filter, etc. They recommended moving the site further north, behind the ballfield near the pathway that goes onto Billy Bennett's land toward the 1968 wells.  They believed we would get good yield and would also possibly discover the aquifer extends to this point. This site is a bit distant from the trail, but readily available to those at the ballfield and there is vehicle access when the gate to the ballfield is open. A survey of the land was deemed necessary to determine who owns the land at the particular spot recommended. The survey, funded by the area rate and completed on June 16, 2022, determined that the desired site was on HRM land.

HRM was reluctant to take on the responsibility for the well and water quality.

The CAO (Catherine O’Toole, the new CAO for HRM and the former head of Halifax Water) suggested that the parcel of land on which the well and pumphouse were located be sub divided so that the Old School would own the land, the well, and the pumphouse. The small plot of land for the Musquodoboit Harbour wellhead project was officially recorded as PID # 41531302 at the Registry of Deeds.

Aug 12 2022, the well was drilled.

Oct 18, 2022 samples taken

On November 4, 2022 an application and addenda for the Registration for the Public Water Supply in Musquodoboit Harbour was submitted to the Province.

On November 9, 2022, water test results were received. The water had virtually no bacteria or trace metals, except for some iron and a high level of manganese. Subsequently, research was conducted on the amelioration of manganese in drinking water, with the help of Bluenose Well Drilling and Bluenose Water Cleaners.

The O2 Program at Eastern Shore High School agreed to build the pumphouse, donating half of the cost of the materials with Taylor Lumber donating the other half. Jamie DeBaie (Taylor Lumber) drew up the plans and materials list, and the O2 students under the guidance of their teachers, Natalie Stephens and Mark Wilkes, built it.

July, 2023 the well was connected to the pump.

Matthew Randell installed the metal roof for free, and the building was largely completed September, 2023.

Background Links

results of the initial water test (to be added soon)

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