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Harbour Village - A Community Initiative

The Eastern Shore is growing but lacks affordable housing. Harbour Village, a proposed housing cooperative, is an important opportunity that will address the critical housing issue in Musquodoboit Harbour. 

The Old School Community Gathering Place has received a generous donation of 10 acres of land right in the heart of the village and adjacent to a freshwater aquifer. The proposed development site is along the Musquodoboit Harbour active transportation trail and is within 700 metres of the community recreation centre, library, gym, bank, drug store, rink, sports fields and playground, community garden, restaurants, cafes, farmers market, and local grocer. 

Harbour Village offers excellent walkability to local amenities and privacy for residents within a mature forest setting. In addition to the 25 affordable, passive solar housing units, we hope to offer a welcoming central building with a large communal kitchen for shared meals. Laundry facilities within the common building will maximize living space and a guest bedroom is possible in some units to allow tenants to host visiting family and friends.


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things you can do NOW to help

There are a few hurdles that we as a community must navigate together to make this dream happen. 

$25,000 PHASE 1

- Land survey

- Land transfer 

- Legal fees

- Initial design

Lend Your Expertise

- Fundraiser

- Development Design 

- Communications & Marketing

Petition HRM Council

- Review community development plan

- Change zoning to allow cluster housing

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